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2006: Five suspense Notebook

鈼?2006 Notebooks are up 38%? Too conservative! Estimated at 50%!

鈼?2999 dollars laptop has appeared, but also lower and lower it? Who knows.

鈼?under the weight of the homogenization of large-scale, second-tier companies to personalize survive?

鈼?Napa platform to the notebook computer market flop What are the chances?

鈼?SMEs fathom, but manufacturers are still difficult to break.

According to IDC data, the notebook market this year the annual growth rate of China will reach 38%, to 2008, U.S. shipments of notebook computers and desktop computers will be shipped flat. But including Lenovo, Dell and other companies believe that this figure is too conservative, estimate growth will reach 50%.

Past 2005, notebook shipments to manufacturers excited, price wars played suffocating. According to "CCW Research" data: 2005 notebook PC sales increased 40.3% over 2004, but sales increased only 33.3%, significantly shrinking the profits of manufacturers. Meanwhile, notebook and desktop sales have reached a ratio of 1:5.32.

Line in recent years, the indecisive, the 2006 notebook market rates? Which forces will dominate the market move forward? June 2, in the "Computer World" newspaper's annual "notebook computer industry innovation and marketing strategy cum-summit" on, about ten mainstream notebook makers to the current development trend of their own judgments, but there are still five Interpretation of suspense left to time.

Suspense one: a price war to continue?

"Computer World"

Editor: Dong Kaihong

In 2005 the global notebook market prices continue to show slow downward trend, while prices fell and the user is the change in demand led directly to the global market within the desktop replacement notebooks the trend to accelerate, China notebook market is in rapid the development stage, which is both an opportunity for vendors, and a challenge. Although the user needs are increasing, but the increasingly fierce competition between manufacturers, declining profit margins are inevitable.

June 1, 2006, Shenzhou notebook lowest price to Lhasa to 2999 yuan. According to reports, the first listing of Shenzhou 2999 notebook computer with thousands of units, from the shop to the national market channels. The introduction of the model for the Shenzhou "space transportation" P180C laptop, Intel Celeron 1.8GHz processor, 128MB RAM, 20GB hard drive, CD-ROM drive and 14.1-inch LCD screen. For notebook computers, we are not familiar with his record last year was also the lowest price: 3880 yuan.

Earlier time, the domestic boss Lenovo laptop officially launched the 2006 Raiders notebook price war, a model for the Rising Sun 125, Lenovo laptop, it's price from 5,600 yuan fell to 4,999 yuan, becoming the first in history Lenovo 5000 yuan laptop. Shenzhou can sell for 2,999 yuan, maybe we are not surprised. But as a domestic and even international giants Lenovo laptop launched in the history of the lowest model, may mean that 2006 is a price war with stormy year.

Low prices to reduce consumption threshold and promote the growth of sales of marketing models throughout the year in 2005 to become a dominant voice. "Laptop first year", which is for the rapid spread of notebook PCs in 2005 generated a new term. The price down really quickly expand the market share threshold, the consumer market has followed hot. If this is a happy year, but is that really the case? The answer is not yes.

Turning to the current price war, manufacturers are a bit helpless. Xiang-Yu Zhang, director of Samsung computer products channel, said: "For most low-end price war, manufacturers are quite upset. When this round of price wars begin, it is hard in the pursuit of market share of mind Xia Buqu follow-up."

Last year, when the HP notebook sold for 5999 yuan on the spot, there's muttering: "Hewlett-Packard have sold for 5,999 yuan, and domestic manufacturers also how to sell?" Not just HP, Dell, Lenovo cheapest model was all down to 6,000 yuan, the "mainstream" companies have shot, the notebook computer prices have descent, 4,999 yuan, 3,999 yuan ... ... no longer rare in the market.

"Computer World"

Deputy Editor: Lin Runhua

If we agree that in accordance with the 50% market growth estimates, China's entire notebook computer market in 2006 will exceed 4 million units sold. We also found that notebook industry chain in all aspects of the many changes taking place, from the technical to the channel, the new management model, etc., such a large market and changes in various links, in fact, every laptop manufacturer to is a chance to speak.

Lower prices to some extent contributed to the industry's high growth. According to CCW Research data: notebook price to 100 U.S. dollars a year in the rate of decline, China's notebook computer business in 2002 and 2005 sales are: 2002 931 000 units, sales of 13.34 billion; 2003 1411000 Taiwan, sales of 16.16 billion; in 2004 was 195 million units, sales of 18.86 billion; in 2005 of 273 million units, sales of 25.14 billion.

In the notebook computer sales rising at the same time, manufacturers have greatly diminished the overall profit. Although sales in 2005 increased the relative 40.3% in 2004, but sales grew only 33.3%. Speaking about the price of a foreign company, said prices for three reasons: First, the reduction in the purchase price of parts or components shoddy; Second, companies reduce operating costs; Third, some manufacturers make a profit. The third point is the 2005 price war, the main reason.

If a company not only market share and profit will no doubt lead to a vicious circle, or even the entire enterprise can survive is also a problem. Moreover, some of the small scale of production did not go beyond the control of the brand as the cost of selling a computer or even loss of a computer, once its capital chain rupture would lead to delisting of the brand! After a year of market baptism, some weaker brands Logo quietly disappear in people's Perspective.

Lenovo Greater China, notebook and integrated marketing director Zhang said: "Some very low price is more than the current market conditions, should not be a good sign. May also lose behind the quality of service. Think the prices will follow forward the implementation of their strategy. "

Sony VAIO Shanghai office market, said Senior Manager of Chen Ning, 2999 yuan laptop that day will come sooner or later, low-cost laptops this year from last year's Scoop, I believe next year will continue. But "consumers always buy the cheapest", this view is wrong, consumers will always buy cheap and nice.

Suspense 2: Can cross the "quality gate"?

Lenovo Greater China


Integrated Marketing Director: Zhang Hua

Determine the total market in 2006, 38% of the market growth or the conservative side, Lenovo is expected to reach 50% growth rate, in addition to the popularity of the wireless environment, the application of the popularity of notebook computers have a positive role in promoting the outside, how provide families with mature solutions will become the catalyst for key fast-growing households. As the channel is gradually in-depth three, four markets, the protection of living space on the channel is very important. Channels in the planned expansion of the scale, we must emphasize intensive channels.

Another problem caused by low-cost computers is the quality. Almost the same configuration (such as standard Napa platform configuration, the same model CPU, chipset, graphics card, the same capacity of hard drives, memory, same size screen) of two different brands of notebook computers, the price to 23 thousand dollars to poor; extreme The energy difference to the around 10,000 yuan (such as the IBM T60 with a domestic company, compared to a model). Course to bring the price difference between net brand, but come with a foundry products, consumers would have to question the cheap quality laptop accessories.

CCW Research senior analyst: Kuo Chang

Changes in demand for notebook computer users the root causes of the changes from the user community. Leading to changes in demand, or is the biggest motivation is to change from user groups. The first in the expansion of user groups, produced a demand for diversity; followed by the increase in the proportion of younger age groups, the notebook produced changes in demand; Finally, more than twice the proportion of increase in the purchase. Notebook PCs, and not embodied, but notebooks have been developed to a great number of users are buying twice or several times to buy, they must buy new, when comparing the original number of features on the laptop there are relatively few options.

The facts that, as far as users on the Internet reflects and disassemble confirmed: a domestic brand of notebook computer hard drives store data actually do not have a bracket to secure it directly plugged into the motherboard! This allows the IDE hard disk data interface by the external forces in case of collision damage easily, and will lead to lost hard drive data loss. In the consumer focus on the importance of data security even today there are hidden dangers in this structural design is really shocking!

The course, according to industry sources: "The structural design jerry be common low-end model design, more alarming is the choice in accessories. Generally like IBM, HP, Lenovo and other major brand accessories are level. but small brands are chosen to save the cost of second-level, second level, of course, is not unqualified, but there are differences in durability. such as a USB interface, one that can be normal Plug million times or more; but also 30,000 times second level is about; some smaller brands, and even use a million times. "

Quality of the door in 2005, the event is not rare, "(DELL) battery was forced to recall the existence of fire hazards," "(Panasonic) CF-R3 LCD breaking event", "a brand (Sony) TX series books PCMCIA port compatibility "speculation the end of 2005 some manufacturers use the most popular engineering test version of CPU, etc. events.

2005 "Quality Gate Incident", may just tip of the iceberg. In 2006, the occasion of the price war started in 2006, "Quality Gate" will have? These come with cost control "cancer" when to remove? If an industry's products can not control costs, while refusing to "quality gate", no matter how big its market share can do, no matter how high their rate of growth, were injured in the process of market expansion will be the largest industry in itself. Because the quality is always a deeply buried in the industry itself, the "bomb."

Fortunately, manufacturers are aware of the existence of this bomb, "security" and "health" have all become of the current vendors to promote their products selling point.

Suspense 3: Napa flop can use it?

January 2006, Intel launched Napa platform. TCL, Haier, Shenzhou and other domestic manufacturers to follow its strong pace earlier models introduced Napa. To May, all the manufacturers introduced models in, Napa models accounted for the majority. According to statistics, second quarter of 2006, dual-core CPU market share to 50% share of the end of the year will reach 70% ~ 80% of the share.

Napa platform, and dual-core CPU, higher capacity, better and more stable motherboard chipsets, faster wireless network connectivity - all of the notebook's integrated capabilities for the first time can be tough to match with the desktop . Compared with the previous generation Centrino platform, its powerful undeniable. Dual-core era has arrived ahead of schedule, with the upgrading of technology has become a new round of reshuffle topic. Newcomers want to "reshuffle", by the latter to forward squeeze squeeze, Napa opportunities be?

Haier notebook simmering fresh new army plans to fight a good fight this year, dual-core processor Napa is one of them with the wind. Haier Notebook Business Unit Director, North China Pan Chinese New Year that, Napa is likely to accelerate this market reshuffle. If some vendors do not realize the value of Napa, the market probably will slow down the pace.

Dell Public Relations Director: Zhang Saying

With laptop prices dropping, and the original purchase desktop more and more customers are now purchasing notebook computers, a number of entry-level notebook computer to further reduce the price of the product may be larger still. In general, the direction of the industry efforts is to bring more and more laptops will be applied. Since the use of laptop computer users more and more demand will be a variety of needs, the needs of both entry-level, but also very high demand, such as advanced enthusiasts, advanced players, or the needs of very demanding some of the top commercial users. Therefore, product diversification and cost-effective will be the focus of manufacturers to compete.

With a new army of seven-up laptop in the hope that its success on the desktop extended to notebook PCs, but Napa has the opportunity given to different interpretations. "Napa will not lead to shuffle between companies, but each vendor's product line will reshuffle." Seven-up, said Liu Bin, director of notebook products.

Samsung Computer

Product Channel Director: Xiang-Yu Zhang

Product differentiation should be regarded as China's notebook computer industry colleagues as a future development prospects. After all, we do not want notebook products this industry completely followed the ultimate design of the upstream vendors rules of the game to go, but do not want to go today, this step in the development PC. Now every vendor of their differentiation in the design and application. This stage should also only be a transitional period.

The direction of future development laptop there are two possibilities, one will tend to continue this application as it is now, that is, between the range of function and fashion. Another is a mobile computing or mobile office, as well as mobile communications, mobile gaming, which several applications that are based on the operation of the existing vendors.

But for many first-line brand, Napa platform to promote the launch of Big Brother only Intel chips to upgrade the conventional action, relying on technology updates to shuffle the time has gone.

Thunis policy, said Zhang, director of notebook computers, completely on a product to the basic shuffle is not possible, basically every company has its own planning. Two months ahead of release and to achieve strategic victory.

"With the technological upgrading of the time to market is not much chance flop." CCW Research analyst Guo Chang think so, technology-driven era already past; and Intel to each vendor delivery times or less the same time does not exist too many gaps. Meanwhile, users have become increasingly rational purchase, technology updates to users to buy less and less influence. More users from the application point of view to consider buying.

Moreover, the market can choose not only an Intel, AMD issued a challenge to Intel. From the "authenticity of the dual-core" controversy began to LIVE! Platform, and a new notebook computer chip development strategy. Intel, AMD on efforts to carry out a planned offensive. The face of strong attacks from AMD aggressive, Intel will make more.

Suspense 4: Standardization under the differential to where?

Sony VAIO Market Division

Senior Manager: Ning

Cheap laptops from last year has been possibly believe this topic, I believe next year will continue. But many people have a misunderstanding: Consumers always buy the cheapest, in fact, consumers will always buy cheap and nice. Products according to their own conditions and resources to conduct research and development. Sony notebook computer is no way in the traditional areas of direct competition with other manufacturers, but Sony's resources are concentrated in the areas of advantage, the first high-mobility platform, followed by digital home entertainment, so the user needs to face selective to develop the right products, is effective to avoid the homogenization solution.

"Every company should have its own position, the most fear is that today's school A, school tomorrow, B, it does not work!" Said Liu Bin, seven-up laptop.

Notebook computer market as large as the current can be divided into two forces: First, like Lenovo, Dell, HP and other vendors, product lines are very rich, top-to-low-end product line, from business to consumer, product line rich in scale significantly ; Second, like Haier, Purple, Shenzhou and other manufacturers, which in no brand and size advantage, "personalized" life has become one of our options.

Personalized driven by the needs of survival. "We have the core competitiveness? No. We can only seek a breakthrough in other areas, such as the appearance of the industrial design and styling." Seven-up of Liu Bin said.

The motherboard, such parts prices more transparent panels and industrial standardization of the times, OEM manufacturers need to find their own positioning.

BenQ System Products Division

Senior Product Manager: Liu Kun

Small number of people from the past or the so-called intellectuals, or the government, industry specific use of laptop computers, and gradually transferred to the consumer market. We must produce something more intimate, more thoughtful and products to meet their needs. In fact, the product configuration, market trends is a more rational strategy. The customer seems to be an emotional call. Between rational and emotional, vendors are struggling to choose. Therefore, the emotional and rational balance between art is the test of ability to grasp the market makers.

"Product differentiation is the notebook computer industry colleagues as a future development prospects." Samsung laptop Xiang-Yu Zhang said the breakthrough in market characteristics, pinpoint their own position.

This difference is reflected in the color of the most basic, the Hang Cheong Xuan Li Electronics Marketing Manager said: "At present, users of consumer products to buy not just remain in the configuration, as well as the subjective feeling, some would favor the color, it was What color would be like or taboo, which is his choice will play an important role. "laptop brand color was once one of its elements, such as the IBM ThinkPad religious black, Apple's white, have led to their FANS to the crown in black, white nickname.

Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Division

Business Development Manager: Fertility

Fujitsu will not follow up a price war, in fact, they have a notebook computer users want to be able to help give them larger. So each brand should have its own courage of your convictions and advantages, and Fujitsu is the focus on ergonomic design and technology. Only by constantly studying changes in consumer demand, will it be possible to get a place in the competition.

Breakthrough in the search for personalized, the domestic and foreign manufacturers have done their best.

State-owned enterprises in people's impression of the Great Wall seems very conservative. In fact, the Great Wall in high-end products to customers all had broken down, locking a particular group. However, in November last year, the Great Wall announced gaming laptop.

Haier Notebook Division

North Region Director: Pan Chinese New Year

As a newcomer to computer market, Haier Computer that stubbornly low price does not truly meet customer needs. In fact, quality, brand, service, and differentiation in the current notebook market has become very important. The protection of the interests of channels, channel stability can be guaranteed that the product flow smooth and lay a solid foundation of mass marketing.

Panasonic's program, the 2012 line of products has no intention of doing. Panasonic IT Equipment Division, said product manager Zhouqiu Hao, Panasonic will be light weight and wireless, there are some breakthrough. In addition, Panasonic has been doing to promote outdoor notebook computers, such as in the wild, exploring such circumstances the application of notebook computers.

In the segment, the purple morning put forward a few years ago, Ms. notebook computers, notebook computers, the students, made a lot of special people for special user segments of the market. Zhang policy that will stick in 2006 the practice purple and violet want to upgrade their R & D capabilities, to develop the unique characteristics consistent with a laptop. Purple will be launched in the month a series of 8,9 more unique positioning and unique selling points of the notebook computer.

Panasonic IT Equipment Division

Product manager: Zhou Qiuhao

As the Panasonic laptop did not take the form of OEM, so product differentiation and there were more reasons, first of all look forward to in 2006 in notebook computers, there is a leap of standby time, while the rugged notebook market Matsushita will continue to insist that, in general to widen the gap between competitive differentiation.

Various have emphasized their unique advantages, such as Toshiba have a representative in battery products, Haier's Moisturizing Eye main display screen features BenQ widescreen computer to do things, in addition to push highlighting screen, Sony focuses on digital home entertainment, July will be put in the Chinese market the world's first built-in high-definition notebook. Fujitsu real effort in the design of the keyboard.

NEC Personal Computing Division

Technical Sales Director: Huang Yu

For an international brand, in different markets to different product forms and marketing strategies, to the fierce competition to find their place. For the Chinese market, the rapid changes in consumer demand, but can not accurately grasp the changing needs and, through such products and services to meet this need has become particularly important.

Second-tier brands more than during competitive differentiation, brand line of a perfectionist in the product line under a large demand, have also played "personalized" signs, and function in the promotion of innovation. Lenovo marketing and Unicom will launch a full range of wireless solutions.

Purple Division notebook

Product Director: Zhang Ce

From the users point of view, demand growth is very fast, the demand for change is obvious. In addition, the user needs the rational is also developing rapidly, leading to the development of the maturity of the user is also rapidly increasing. In such circumstances, the domestic manufacturers Zhongduo not formed Zishenfazhan models and features, blindly De Zhuiqiu cheap and Zou large and the road seems to be less desirable, Suo Yi product's reputation would seem to create special urgency.

June 2, Dell introduced two new products starting in the XPS M1710 and M1210 computer, the series of products for the majority of gamers, computer enthusiasts and desire high-quality products and high standard of services tailored to users. HP since last year, changed its long-standing black notebook, introduced the white line. Lenovo launched in mid-May a fingerprint laptop, emphasizing its safety.

"After all, we do not want to end notebook products industry, along with parts completely, or upstream manufacturers design rules of the game to go. This is our motivation to seek personalized one." Said a domestic manufacturer.

Suspense 5: channel innovation, 3, 4 how to play the market?

HEDY Notebook

Product Director: Liu Bin

Notebook computer market has grown rapidly on who has the opportunity, domestic manufacturers do not have to target the high end market, the main characteristics of the market should be a breakthrough, pinpoint their own position will survive. Notebook computer manufacturers to survive in the Chinese market, we must identify the characteristics of their own, find out their position, otherwise, sail against the current last counterproductive. At the same time, the customer will always want to buy cheaper, more affordable products. Market reshuffle is to advance with time, but the product lines will quickly shuffle, which is updated as soon as possible the range of products to meet different consumer needs.

Great Wall Notebook

Sales 1 Manager: Du Jie

Product differentiation and differentiated fundamentally different segments. Many products in the market process, the product is only in appearance, configuration changes made and not from real differences in characteristics and performance of the subdivision. In fact, the only real product differentiation, will be safe, stylish, value is more refined, not just generic "difference" concept, can truly promote changes in consumer demand, but also to promote the healthy development of the notebook computer market.

Top Electronics Mall

Business Director: Li Zhong Jin

Investigate the situation from the customer for 70% of customers come in male and 30% are women, 70% of the part about the 23-year-old to 32 years old, younger customers to become the most significant features of the market. Market-selling products will take on three trends: first, cost-effective; followed dealers still have a certain profit margin; Finally, the transparency of information and very convenient for users to buy and repair.

Hang Cheong Electronics

Marketing Manager: Li Xuan

Consumption rate for 2006 will continue to increase. Consumer preferences of users mainly in appearance, color choices for consumers play an increasingly important role; followed by the voice entertainment. Particularly in China, this market in particular special requirements of the user card is particularly high; Finally, the consumer notebook PCs increasingly high health concern.

The past two or three years, with the cities of intense competition, rapid growth of the three, four and SMB markets have become the meat and potatoes types of vendors. SMEs in developing and Third, four city markets, channels undoubtedly played a significant role.

Even for Lenovo, the SMEs are also the priorities. Lenovo notebook product integration in Greater China, said Zhang, director of marketing, the biggest change this year, Lenovo is more than the original 3000 channels located in the desktop to the notebook open, I hope to bring the desktop client laptop . "In developing the regional market, the effect of 1-3 is very good, this year will expand to four. The 1-4 look the same, five, six markets are concerned." A year ago, Lenovo to channel is divided into 18 regions, for meticulous management.

HP to strengthen the development of SMEs, from last year, the Quanguozongdai system to the regional agent system, the national plan for the eight regional, local regional manager to develop the local context plans are to close to the local market.

But for small and medium markets, companies generally feel "done very painful." SMEs is very complicated, a lot of purchasing behavior, as individuals, but different from the individual user. Manufacturers have done their own tricks.

Just entering the market for Panasonic, the most important is to find the channels are very strong partners to develop together with the Panasonic. Panasonic is the manufacturer more to do their jobs, while the sales and channel work to agents and partners. NEC insisted on cooperation with Toshiba, but also try to do some of their channels. Haier household appliances is to use its existing channel edge.

Top Electronics Mall Business Director, said Jin Zhong, the survey found that e-mall to buy 70% of the retail users, 30% of SMBs. SME buyers, there are two people: one is the company's network management, network management involves a wide range, including accessories and displays, etc.; Second, government procurement officers, weekends, holidays to the retail market point of view, see What kind of things are popular. Meanwhile, Dinghao strengthened pre-, during and after sales survey. Top Electronics in March last year two-story underground mall with a 8,400 square meter maintenance Zhongguancun opened their city, Lenovo, Founder, Tsinghua Tongfang 31 factory service centers are assembled here, from the factory or manufacturers to distributors to do the specified service.

Emphasis on retail is the common understanding of the current number of vendors. Zhang said Lenovo, Lenovo's business can do to support a single brand stores in the dealer. Sony has also stepped up the construction of brand stores, this year a lot of the white building in the country experience the store.

"One, two white-hot competition in the market has entered the stage, three, four stressed the importance of how the market is not over." Thunis product strategy, said Zhang, director of purple this year's approach is planned in three 4 cities to open 300 regional distributors, in fact, the exclusive regional distributor, it is the task of assessing all of the dealers in each region an average of 30 units a month, you can designate a regional exclusive distribution rights to him . It is through the distributors purchase, but its marketing support and personnel training are all directly from the purple to do. "Purple hope that the exclusive mode of the regional distributors in the violet can be closely tied to the chariot. Now the plan in half, feeling pretty good, get the exclusive distributor of these are very qualified to treasure do. This year, secondary market is relatively less investment, would direct the limited resources into the region, the right support will be the exclusive distributor of more. "

Link 1: CBB plans to seek the right to speak of the war Intel

April 2006, Intel officially launched CBB program (Common Builking Block, general module structure), hoping to promote the standardization of notebook components. The introduction of Centrino platform occupy senior series notebook barebones voice, Intel is not satisfied has been of interest because the presence of AMD makes big manufacturers have lung power to bargain with Intel, so behind the CBB program, Intel took the opportunity to check Notebook computer company, notebook computer for more objective standard voice clear.

At present almost all laptop manufacturers do not own computer manufacturing plant, all products are outsourced in the OEM / ODM OEM factory. Once the CBB plans to implement universal, as Intel holds the standard, that all the right words are in the hands of Intel, the current manufacturers can order the size and foundry plant will be deprived of the right to bargain. Because of the presence of AMD, and Intel OEM factory control and can not be completely controlled.

Therefore, when the CBB plans to launch in the evaluation of rival AMD, Intel, the world's Channel Platforms Group Bill Siu, general manager, said: "The concept is only because of its platform, including processor, AMD can not afford the burden of the industrial chain integration tasks such standardization . "

CBB has come, the industry of its two main attitudes: first, that the CBB plans to lead the market reshuffle, two, three line companies have the opportunity to kings; second is that the current global notebook PC market 10 companies account for over 60% of the major markets share structure, CBB program alone is unlikely to change.

In this regard, the "2006 China Industry Innovation cum notebook marketing strategy summit" on Thunis Chang, director of product strategy notebook products that the user obtained from the CBB's greatest benefit is the standardization of parts after the parts price declines. But he did not think that CBB can shake the existing market structure in a short time: "But from now on, I do not think that CBB is a complete change of things, it also takes a very long time or require the efforts of many people to promote. at this stage to support the companies are relatively small, in this case that shook the market structure has not yet reached, CBB plans necessarily have a great impact in the future. "

But at the same time, in the face, "Lenovo, HP these big companies, CBB program will have an impact, once the CBB plans to reflect very well in the market, will bring the threshold down to all laptops can be participate in the point, there is no such worry? "of doubt, the Lenovo side has very firmly denied the charge of Lenovo Greater China, notebook and integrated marketing director Zhang said:" This fear does not exist, laptops is a personal thing, everyone's needs are different, with different technology. each firm has different needs, there are existing space, this fear is no need to. "

Link 2:

2006: how many highlights to look forward to?

CCW Research report shows notebook PC users in 2006 showed a younger age changes with the increase of secondary buyers. The user needs to change is highlighted the rational and the entertainment, small, health, security and other more personal needs. In the second half of 2005, a flood of "widescreen", "wireless", "security" and other highlights not only create a strong "eye effect" is to vendors in order to "personal" and "difference" and other marketing Location quickly declared a notebook with traditional desktop PC line. In 2006, the notebook computer market will be hot and bright spots which deserve attention?

1. Communication needs

2005 to 2006, many manufacturers of mining during communication, as well as communications with the product. However, Guo Chang CCW Research analyst with market expectations that there is this big gap. In fact, Beijing Mobile, Beijing Netcom, China Mobile has been looking for their products (CDMA card, etc.) on the notebook computer market entry point. However, very few notebook manufacturers have reached a strategic agreement with the operator. Guo Chang that the main reason is the price of the bottleneck. Originally sold a laptop is not expensive, but with buy wireless network card, together with traffic, consumers may suffer. The most fundamental thing is to keep costs down, if the costs do not drop down a similar demand may be stifled.

2. Widescreen

Widescreen concept started back in 2004, evolved, but the last two years, laptop manufacturers are still pushing the concept of one. User demand for notebook computer entertainment gradually increased, while the widescreen allows users to enjoy watching DVD discs when the effect is similar to wide-screen movies. And in order to achieve better audio and video playback, most manufacturers will increase the screen brightness, which together with high-performance graphics card, 64MB or more memory, plus support for DTS and Dolby sound, with realistic sound.

3. Safety

"Data security" is the concept of playing a number of commercial brands. Business people often some of the most sensitive or important data stored in the notebook computer, notebook computer if lost or stolen have been, for many users, the loss irreparable.鍥犳锛岃仈鎯虫儬鏅兘鎶娾?瀹夊叏鎬р?浣滀负绗旇鏈數鑴戝悇鑷殑鏍稿績姒傚康銆傝仈鎯虫帹鍑哄叿鏈夆?浜洪潰璇嗗埆绯荤粺鈥濈殑绗旇鏈數鑴戯紝鎯犳櫘杩欎袱骞存潵閮芥帹琛屸?瀹夊叏銆佸彲闈犮?鏄撶敤+閲戠墝鏈嶅姟鈥?锛?鏍稿績浠峰?鐞嗗康锛屽苟杩炵画涓夊勾璧炲姪鈥滅彔宄扮幆淇濆ぇ琛屽姩鈥濓紝浠ヨ瘉鏄嶩P鍟嗙敤绗旇鏈骇鍝佺粡杩囦簡钘忓尯鎭跺姡鏋佸湴鐜楠岃瘉銆?br />
鍥? 鏃跺皻鍖?br />


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